Upon attaining the top-ten status on the ladder, and after successfully defending or unsuccessfully defending their position thereon, pilots are eligible to "go around" again. In doing so, they will drop to the bottom of the ladder, start afresh with their win/loss records, and try to climb yet again to the top positions on the ladder.

Pilots who "bolter" will have their top-ten ranking displayed in gold until they are either defeated at that location, or they return to the top-ten again. Once a pilot name has changed to gold, that position is a defensive position only, and no further challenges may be made from that ranking. For example, If I bolter from the #3 spot, I may be challenged at that position, and if defeated, will be removed from that position. If I am victorious in the defense of the #3 spot, I will continue to remain there, but cannot challenge higher.

The new ranking at the bottom of the ladder is able to challenge in accordance with the Rules of Engagement.

Upon electing to "Bolter", pilots will have their "Bolter" date and their win/loss record at that time recorded by their name on the Pilot Roster page. They will retain their current rank and all of their medals.


Pilots who elect to serve a second term on the ladder are hereby awarded the Aerial Achievement Medal.

Aerial Achievement Medal

Pilot name and highest ranking achieved on the ladder prior to Bolter date:

Flt.Lt. Paul "Cavalier 214th" Evans, #1, #1

Wing Commander Jim "Wolf" Farmer, #1, #2, #1

Squadron Leader Shapoor "No609_Shap" Engineer, #1

Oberstleutnant Stefan "LLv34_Snefens" Kristensen, #1

Oberstleutnant Bob "Greywolf" King, #1

Wing Commander Joe "No609_Relent" Camilleri, #1

Major Robert "Seahawk" Kelker-Kelly, #1

Capt. David "Locutis" Webb, #1

Wing Commander Rory "Kendo", #1

Squadron Leader Dimitrios "Hawk VF-124", #2

Wing Commander Jim "Goshawk" Herring, #2, #6, #10, #4, #5

Squadron Leader Phil "Meridian_EAF92" Jeff, #2

Wing Commander John "Taipan", #4

Maj. Frank "Yentl" Smaltino, #4

Squadron Leader Andy "OzHeat", #5

Flt. Lt. Marco "BUG_EAF322" Jansen, #5

Wing Commander Brian "No609_OzZiggy" Ziegelaar, #7

Squadron Leader Mark "Sir Loin of Beef", #9, #7

Flt. Lt. Peter "Moose_EAF322" Petiet, #10

For actions above and beyond the call of duty, these officers have been awarded the Aerial Achievement Medal. While in the service of their country, these fine officers achieved outstanding performance through one combat tour of duty on the European Air War challenge ladder.

Forsaking all other duty and through selflessness which knows no bounds, they have elected to return to the front lines of combat. Having already hurled themselves through the gauntlets of aerial combat, coursing through hails of enemy ordinance, risking life and limb at the hands of ruthless opponents whose one main goal is the complete and total annihilation of these brave-hearted jousting gents of the heavens, and having to endure the miseries at the hands of Flight Nurse Kiki, they chose to endure and persevere rather than merely defend their lofty perches. They are to be commended and recognized!