For Those Pilots Who Served.

For Those Pilots Who Surveyed!

The sun was high in the morning sky as the Blenheim (modified for passengers) began its
landing approach. The bomber was unexpected, and its approach was not without
notice by the pilots on the field. Others came running from the huts and tents in the area.
As the plane rolled to a stop, a group of French-speaking men in top-hats and long coats emerged.

The tallest of the French delegation strode to the front of the group. In a heavy French accent, he began to speak to the group gathered before him.

"It is with great honor that the country of France wishes to honor those brave pilots who have made the unselfish sacrifice of themselves in the service of the French and English peoples. France wishes to honor these brave pilots by presenting them with the following commendation. Due to their efforts, future generations shall benefit from such progress as tunnels, museums, new life forms, and great strides in tidal effects of our great English Channel."

"We wish to pay tribute to the following pilot officers who have searched the depths of the channel during the course of their battle efforts. The following pilots have dived to the depths of the channel at least 15 times during their combat sorties:

"MD", "Tuxedo", "Scorpion", "Goshawk", "Clutter", "MadDog", "Wolf", "Kendo", "Hangten", "Greywolf", and "Dr Bones".

"For mapping the bottom of the English Channel, these brave pilots are being awarded."

"Croix de Cousteau"

-Quote from French Delegation to the pilots of EAW Challenge Ladder

To "qualify" for the Croix de Cousteau medal, pilots must have flown in at least 15 combat matches in which they were shot down in their efforts to succeed. As pilots attain this "lofty" goal, they will each in turn be awarded this medal, a symbol of peace, dignity, sportsmanship, and humility. Good hunting!