European Air War

Pilotlog Entries

The stories on the following pages are a collection of debriefs and other entries made in the pilotlog journals of numerous members of the European Air War Challenge Ladder. There is no particular time sequence in how they were created, but they all deal with the real or simulated experiences of real or simulated combat pilots. The pilots whose exploits are recorded in these pages are awarded the "Legion of Merit" for their valor in battle.

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Page 11: Stories by U6, Sabre, Greasemonkey, Taipan, Locutis, Greasemonkey, Wolf, Ninja, Greasemonkey, and Windigo.

Page 12: Stories by U6, Vapors, Locutis, Grey Wolf, Goshawk, Solar Arrow, Locutis, and No609_Kosmik.

Page 13: Stories by Goshawk, Duke, Dada, Sabre, Seahawk, Solar Arrow, JIAN, Dada, Goshawk, Duke, and No609_Heat.

Page 14: Stories by Goshawk, JIAN, S/M MacCulloughy, Enforcer, Moose, Greasemonkey, Puma, Duke, Kier, Locutis, and Yentl.

Page 15: Stories by Locutis, Kendo, Kosmik, Tuxedo, S/M MacCulloughy, Cajun, Goshawk, Puma, Locutis, Tuxedo, and OzZiggy.

Page 16: Stories by Dr. Bones, Enforcer, No609_OzZiggy, No609_IcePick, Goshawk, Spectre, and Taipan.

Page 17: Stories by Enforcer, Oz Ziggy, Puma, No609_Relent, Goshawk, FlyinBrian, MadDog, Greenbird and Dr. Bones.

Page 18: Stories by Goshawk, Dr. Bones, Wolf, Goshawk (2), LLv34_Snefens, Spectre, OzHeat, Goshawk and No609_Relent.

Page 19: Stories by Greenbird, Goshawk, ACS/Maj MacCulloughy, Spectre, Hotshot, Spectre, and No609_Beef.

Page 20: Stories by JG300x_Hero, Grimmreaper, No609_Blacksky, Kendo, No609_Shap, No609_OzZiggy, No609_Beef

Page 21: Stories by Slim, Arty_VF163, Spectre, No609_Beef, Dr. Bones, Hero Von Steinenguzzler, Hotshot.

Pilotlog entry stories are assorted debriefs written by the pilots on the European Air War Challenge Ladder. These stories are the property of the pilots who composed them and may not be used for the personal gain of others without the expressed permission of the story's author.To read the stories, simply click on the hyper-link to the page. There are several stories on each page, and by using the scrollbar, you can view all of the page's contents. The exploits reported in these stories are from the members of the European Air War's challenge ladder located at:

714th Virtual Flight Test Squadron

You may have your own stories added to these pages by forwarding them to me. If you wish to be a part of the fun, you can join the ladder at any time. You must have a patched version of the European Air War game on your computer.