"Dueling Poets"

Dedicated to the pilots of the Pacific Air War challenge ladder.

Vertigo to FM Jump:

This I like - dueling poets <g>!
-Blake "Vertigo" Jordan

Goshawk to Solo Mio 10-16-96:

>you're not a real man anyway until Gos-Hawg has said so in one of infamous write ups.<

"FM Unveiled"

Let it be known on the island today,
FM Jump and Goshawk went outside to play.
In the heavens above, to a place far away,
they flew their sleek warbirds in a bloody foray.

"These guys just don't know, some just don't want to see,
that I'm a good pilot!", FM Jump said to me.
"You'll just have to prove it, shoot me down!" I said to he.
"I'll be glad to inform them of your bold victory."

The Corsairs turned to fire, and the Wasps they screamed.
FM went quite high, to "stiff-arm" it seemed.
I turned hard to catch him, and shoot him abeam.
But the "Jump" had the angles, my "quick victory", a dream.

We turned and turned, lower and lower, down to the "Big Blue".
With me not giving up an inch, "FM Jump" not giving in, too.
At last a break, a stroke of luck, his Corsair turned wide to slew,
my bullets found him , 'fore his found me, my aim I guess, more true.

But then tides changed, my luck went amiss, he formed a bold new plan.
Tables turned on my gunmanship, as inverted loops his plane did span.
My bullets went wide, they went afoul, blew around him as he ran,
'til his plane flipped right back at me, and filled me with slugs from this FM Jump "Man".

So "Solo" give up your queries, let there be no doubt today,
to question "FM Jump's" sexuality, can bring a devil of a price to pay.
He's practiced, and he's fought hard, he's on the ladder now with you!
We're glad to have him, Calabs, Deep6, and Deacon. Oh, "Solo"
we're glad we have you too!
-Jim "Goshawk" Herring

FM Jump to Goshawk 10-16-96:

Sir GosHawk,

These guy's may think I'm a gender-bender,
until they see their sticker on my fender.
But thanks to you, the truth is made true,
FM is MAN through and through.

So if you guys need to talk,
just go ask GosHawk,
We hang out in bars,
smoke Castro's cigars,
show off our new scars,
we drive cool cars-

He'll tell ya " FM's wild,
has a wife and a child,"
but that don't mean JUMPS tame,
cause when your sittin' in your plane,
the rules and the name of the game is the same,
"one mistake, and I'll make you feel TOTALLY LAME!


Vertigo to Goshawk 10-17-96:


Very nice - oh, if only I had your talent . . .

I'd love to be poetic
But my verse is just pathetic
My metaphors outrageous
And the doc thinks they're contagious
I have to quit this drivel
Or the crowd will get uncivil

. . I've seen that look before
Think I'll head right out the door.
-Blake "Vertigo" Jordan

FM Jump to Vertigo 10-17-96:

Very nice Mr. Vertigo, but I've, got one more word to go.
Before you "head on out the door", grab some paper,
write some more!.....
'cause you might have a second chance,
with some practice your verbage will enhance,
grab a pen or plume, they're all the same,
just stay away from my damned plane!

Vertigo to FM Jump 10-20-96:

>>I'll probably have to convince them of my worth by
>>shooting down GosHawk and Vertigo. Thats O.K.,....
>>they're on the list anyway.

Making a list
And checking it twice
Gonna find out
Who flies like a grape
-Bad Poetry by

FM Jump to Vertigo 10-23-96:

Round and round and round we go,
who'll hit the water I still don't know.
I'm prepared to fly the best that I know,
I think it will be VER*TI*GO.

Vertigo to FM Jump 10-24-96:

The water has no thrill for me
To hit it is insanity
I much prefer to have some fun
With my trusty machine gun
-Blake "Vertigo" Jordan


FM Jump to Vertigo 10-25-96:

Your pro's prose like a rose it goes
through my nose to my toes,
my woes know lows
but away they do goes.
I chose to close my water hose of prose
'cause' after you, I now knows
your notes are clothed with ribbons and bows.



Vertigo to FM Jump 10-25-96:

If poetry was artillery
I'd beg you most humbly
For a suspension of hostilities
To allow me time
To clear my mind
And remove the wounded from the vicinity.
-Blake "Vertigo" Jordan

Deep6 to Vertigo 10-25-96:

I was flying in the air,
I saw a dueling poet there,
He, while parsing out his puns,
Got punctuated by my guns.

European Air War challenge ladder:

Kendo's Demise:

In a hard fought match, much earlier today,
Goshawk and Kendo both went out to play.
They flipped and they fluttered, they started to stall,
they looped, and they rolled, and they both had a ball.

The bullets they ripped, the cannons they screamed,
the wings, they were groanin', getting torn off it seemed.
But out of the blue, up there in the sky,
one of these pilots would be destined to fry.

I guess that by now, you got it sorted out.
I came out the victor, but it was far from a rout.
Kendo put up a good fight, and near got me there too,
but against a good Spitfire, a Mustang'll ne'er do!!

Thanks for the match Kendo, you're a really great sport!
It's always a pleasure, and please pardon this report.
See, some days it's prose, and some it's a rhyme,
but either way, Kendo, I had a great time!



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